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Author: Nicole Canovas

Motivation – The Best Ways to Keep It

THE BEST WAYS TO STAY MOTIVATED Maintaining motivation for content creation can be tough. Creating a good quality article/drawing/graphic etc. is not a process that should be rushed.  The problem with having a process that works best when un-rushed is that, if you have a team of people depending on you, there will be times that you kind of have to rush it.  Luckily, here are some lessons I’ve gathered through my own content creation experiences. They help speed that process up without sacrificing the quality of your work.  Keep these in mind for maximum motivation! NOT EVERYONE WORKS...

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How to Build a Loyal Audience

FIND YOUR “NICHE” Whether it’s paintings of dogs in historical-era outfits or limited edition Beanie Babies, there are people that are into what you’re into.  A quick Facebook group search will confirm that there are most definitely multiple pages created in homage to the same service/product that you offer.  Which leads to: DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF If all these other people do what you do, or offer what you offer, why should people come to YOU?  No seriously, answer the question, because people will want to know!  What are you offering that the competition isn’t?  Little personal touches like a weekly...

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