How to Stay Motivated

Maintaining motivation for content creation can be tough. Luckily, here are some lessons I’ve gathered through my own content creation experiences.

Inktober Raffle! Win a Wacom Tablet! 2017 [CLOSED]

Get your sketchbook and ballpoint pen!! We are entering October with a BANG with Inktober 2017! Ataraxia Studios is happy to present this friendly comrade rivalry with a chance...

…and We’re LIVE! Ataraxia’s First Step of Many

Our site is finally live! We have made so much progress the past couple of years. We look forward to see what the future brings!

Inktober: Success as an Artist

What is Inktober? Inktober is a challenge in which you have to create 1 drawing a day. Technically speaking, you’re supposed to be using ink, but the important part is that you're drawing every single day. Why should you do Inktober? If you’re reading this, I’m...