Frequently Asked Questions

We tried our best to include the questions most users have regards to publishing and Ataraxia Studios in general however, we may have missed a few points.
Feel free to contact us for additional information by filling out the contact form here or you can send us a tweet @ataraxiastudio

Who are we?

Ataraxia Studios is a group composed of several members from around the world. Please read our about us to learn more.

What do we do?

We love creating stories and know how hard it is to get started. We want to create a supportive community that inspires others and where we can read other’s comics or written works.

Where can you read our works?

You can read any of our works on our website. If you’re on the go, we can also be found on Tapastic or Webtoons.

How can I support/help you?

You can help support Ataraxia by becoming a patreon, one time donation or by applying for an available intern position. You can learn more about it here.

What materials or drawing programs do we use?
  • The materials and programs varies depending on the role.Here’s a brekdown:
  • Artists: Photoshop, Clip Studio, Gimp, drawing tablet, Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil are used for coloring, toning and typesetting. However we also use deleter paper, ink, and nibs along with other traditional materials.
  • Social Media Guru: Canva, Photoshop, Hootsuite, Lightroom, Google’s spreadsheets
  • Designers: Canvas, Adobe’s Creative Suite, WordPress.
  • Writers & Editors: Celtx, google Docs are used to create scripts.
  • Managers: Wrike, Google Drive, Google’s Docs/tables/presentation
What is our work process?
  1. The author writes a chapter and creates the first draft.
  2. The first draft is reviewed by the comic editor and the development editor.
  3. After editing, the draft is storyboarded (comic rough draft).
  4. The storyboard is revised and edited.
  5. The final storyboard goes to the artists. The comic editor coordinates the team.
  6. The pages are sketched and inked.
  7. The pages are scanned and cleaned.
  8. The pages are toned and typeset.
  9. The editor reviews each page to make sure they are error free.
  10. Each page is then registered with copyright and set with metadata.
  11. We publish the comic online.
Will you accept submissions for comics or novels?

We are currently not accepting submissions. We are currently working on our own original content first. We plan to curate some online comics done by others, then allow open submissions down the road. We currently do not have the funds nor the people to do this yet.

Do you accept commissions?

We are not accepting commissions at the moment. You may personally contact any Ataraxia member via social media. Any business done with them will not be considered Ataraxia’s business.

How does copyright work if I get curated by an Ataraxia member?

You will hold all rights to your creation or as agreed. However in order to be published on our site, you must understand that we will use your images in order to promote and drive traffic to the site. This will be discussed in detail when creating a contract.The contract may be terminated by either party

What if I no longer want my comic on Ataraxia’s Site?

The contract for said comic or written work will be terminated. We will notify users that have signed up for newsletter that the said work will be removed and no longer available on Ataraxia’s site. We will remove the content within 2 weeks of notice giving users time to adjust.

Can I still be available on other comic sites?

Yes however you must be 2 posts ahead on Ataraxia’s website compared to other sites.