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Joseph Detrano |  December 12, 2017 | Reviews, Tips & Tricks, blog

Christmas is still a ways off, but it’s never too early to start planning your purchases. After weeks of pestering artists for their secrets, we’ve learned of a few hit holiday items. Plus, they’re all supported by Amazon Prime. That way, if you’re reading this on December 20th, we’ve got you covered.

Check out any of these show-stoppers below:


A Boxed Set of 60 Brush Markers


Shinhan Touch Twin-Brush Marker Set

A set like no other, this fully-refillable color pack provides near-professional quality materials in a respectable package. Numerous artists have praised the durability of these markers. Additionally, friends prefer the colors included in this set over the B set. If you know any artists who are taking a serious dive into the world of marker artistry, this set may quickly become the cornerstone of their arsenal.


A tin of 72 Derwent Colored Pencils


Derwent Colored Pencils, 72 Pack

Praised by professional artists and hobbyists alike, look no further than Derwent for all your colored pencil needs. Derwent’s quality products have made them a big name in the artistic community. That fame is well justified, however, as Derwent continues to produce durable pencils that blend seamlessly together. The 72 Pack contains a wide breadth of options for any project, but don’t hesitate to downgrade if the price looks too steep. Derwent offers a number of different packs, ranging from 6 to 120 pencils per pack! The quality of the product ensures that the packs of 6 will still be very well received.


An image of 9 of the set's 11 pencils, and the thicknesses of their lines.


Sakura 11-piece Pigment Liner Ink Pen Set

First off, this set gets you a lot for a little. Plus, there’s no “Ink Pen Set B” that artists might be clamoring after down the line. The Sakura set is very much a complete package. With an excellent bang-to-buck ratio, it’s perfect for someone flexing their creative muscles. So if you know an artist craving for more inking tools or someone wishing to test out the ink artistry scene for themselves, the Sakura set should be among your first choices.

The three brushes in the set, individually packaged.

Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Menso Brush Set

Everything one could want in a brush: Soft bristles, holds plenty of water, great strokes, all in a stylish package and for a very affordable price. Whether used for watercolor or ink, artists will find that the bristles are durable and easy to clean. And by the way, can we just say that the brushes themselves look fantastic? This set is a show-stopper all around for all the right reasons.


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