Inktober Raffle! Win a Wacom Tablet! 2017 [CLOSED]

Leohma Velazquez |  October 1, 2017 | Announcements, Featured Posts, blog

Get your sketchbook and ballpoint pen!! We are entering October with a BANG with Inktober 2017! Ataraxia Studios is happy to present this friendly comrade rivalry with a chance to win a Wacom Intuos Digital Drawing & Graphics Tablet! I’ll just go ahead and get into the juicy details on how to get started.

The Prize – Wacom Tablet

Wacom Intuos Drawing and Graphics Tablet

Our designers and artists here at Ataraxia Studios use it a lot. Their stylus is battery-free, with pressure sensitivity that helps you draw thicker and thinner lines depending how hard you press. It also has four customizable Express keys which come in handy and allow us to work much quicker. It also connects with a Mac (10.8.5 and above) or PC (Windows 7 and above) via USB or Wireless! Beautiful compact design fits nicely in any desk and light to carry around when traveling. It comes both in white and turquoise options. With a 4/5 rating, this Wacom tablet is an excellent choice for beginners and pros! A value of $79.95!

How to Enter Ataraxia’s 2017 Inktober Raffle:

Wondering how you can win this Wacom tablet for free? Here’s how:

On Twitter:

  1. Follow @AtaraxiaStudio on Twitter
  2. Repost this image and tag us (@AtaraxiaStudio)
  3. Finally, participate in Inktober like normal and tag us!

On Instagram:

  1. Follow us @AtaraxiaStudios on Instagram
  2. Repost this image and tag us (@ataraxiastudios) and use the #ataraxiaink2017
  3. Finally, participate Inktober like normal and use the #ataraxiaink2017


Participants who has made more than 20+ Inktober posts will be entered for our Inktober raffle! Winner will be announced on Friday 3rd, November 2017. The winner must send us a message as soon as possible to claim their prize. If you have entered via twitter, use twitter to contact us. If you entered via Instagram, use Instagram to contact us. We will move onto the next person in line if the winner did not contact us at all.


  1. A minimum of 20 Inktober posts required to enter.
  2. Ink drawings must be posted/created in October 2017.
  3. No reposting previous works.
  4. Must be older than 13 yrs.
  5. Winner must respond within 24 hrs since announcement of winner.
  6. Do not steal artwork. Your inktober posts must be created by you. Tracing is not acceptable either.
  7. Inktober rules also apply to this raffle. For more information click here.
  8. Have fun!
    official Inktober 2017 Prompt List from Jake Parkerofficial Inktober 2017 Rules from Jake Parker

Leohma Velazquez


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