Kinetics: Children’s Crusade

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Action, Girl Power, Sci-Fi

As the world continues to move forth with their usual daily routines, most are unaware of the unworldly creatures that lurk in the empty spaces around us; Endors. Don’t worry tho, most are harmless. Endors are monsters moved by energy that they have slowly collected and it is part of Kinetics job to locate and disband the energy before it gets out of hand. 

That’s what Rei does. She’s a kinetic. Her entire life has been laid before her and she’s been taking care of her small area that she has been assigned to. Little did she know that her lone days  she has come to love and know will cease when the Kinetic organization decides to place kinetics into teams. Will Rei, for once, work with others or will she rebel against the organization’s decisions?

Pilot 0

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